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We have included other beautiful regions of Italy in our range of holiday rentals. Our fine selection of high quality holiday villas and apartments in Italy ranges from northern to southern Italy.
Book your holiday in a private holiday villa or an apartment in the most beautiful regions of Italy!


Amalfi Coast
Many people call the Amalfi coast between Naples and Salerno in the Campania region of Italy as the most beautiful in the world. There will certainly be other people who give this title rather to other coast. Many are the reasons why the Amalfi Coast merits this nomination. From the steep cliffs overlooking a turquoise sea certainly one of the beauties you will admire is the famous island of Capri. Larger beaches exist near the coastal towns, but a lot of tourists prefer the many small beaches and beautiful bays.

Many tourists choose a holiday home or apartment at the Amalfi coast, for example in Sorrent, but not only because of the sea. In the hinterland a lush vegetation invites you to beautiful walks in the nature. In the region lemons and oranges are grown. There are olive trees and vineyards, up to 1,400 meters high mountains and deep canyons. Amalfi with its magnificent cathedral is the town that gives the Amalfi Coast its name and is also one of the most famous tourist resorts of the Campania region. Many other picturesque places such as the fishing village of Praiano, or Positano, the coastal town with its colorful houses clinging to the rocks by the sea, offer guests a delightful stay in a holiday villa or an apartment. Many of these beautiful holiday resorts are connected by a coastal road that opens great views of the sea.

The almost 3,300 meters high volcano Etna is the most famous and highest mountain in Sicily. Although the island belongs to Italy, it is probably one part of the country that like no other has its very own culture and traditions. The mostly hilly or mountainous Sicily is the largest island of Italy. With  its almost 3,000 different plant species it has one of the richest Mediterranean vegetation. These facilities range from crops such as olive trees and vines to flowers such as orchids, bougainvillea, banana trees and papyrus plants. Over 1,000 kilometers long is the coast of Sicily. If you rent a holiday apartment or a villa near the coast, it is often not far away from the nearest beautiful beach. There is plenty of space for swimmers, sunbathers, sailors and divers.

Sicily is famous for its rich culture as well as the natural landscape. Greeks, Carthaginians, Normans, Arabs, Romans – they all once inhabited the island. For example, the Sicilian city of Syracuse was in earlier times, the most important Greek city in Sicily. Pretty town apartments and holiday villas may are located next to traditional cities like Taormina, San Vito lo Capo, Ragusa, Cefalu, Corleone, Messina or Palermo. The rich culture of the island is also manifested in the delicious Sicilian cuisine. Excellent fish and pasta dishes, delicious Sicilian cheeses and of course the famous sweets like “La Cassata, and “Il Cannolo“.

Tuscany is one of the cradles of European culture and is the birthplace of the Renaissance and humanism. Great artists and thinkers such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei and Dante Alighieri come from Tuscany. Even cities are famous in this part of Italy: the capital about Florence, Pisa, Siena and Italian Gothic, Arezzo, with its many palaces and mansions, as well as San Gimignano, the ancient residential towers (the town since 1990 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO). Famous wines come from Tuscany, where a third of the region is known as Chianti. Wherever you book a holiday home in Tuscany, it will definitely be close to one of the beauty spots in Tuscany like Siena and surroundings, Forte dei Marmi at the coast and Chianti and the area around Florence.

Tuscany offers not only a fantastic countryside, but also lovely seaside resorts.There are beautiful beaches, such as on the Maremma coast, dominated by mountains and nature, as in the National Park of the Alpi Apuane. Cypresses, pines, vines and olives dominate many regions of Tuscany. A holiday in a villa in Tuscany brings you close to all these resources that nature offers. If Goethe would still be alive, he would probably return again and again. Come, and see why!

Sardinia is the second largest island of Italy. Whether it is only the second most beautiful tourists probably keep on arguing. Sardinia is a mountain in the sea. Rocky gorges, caves and mountain peaks alternate with vast plains and forests. In Sardinia you can find a balance between nature and culture. You will find  a lot of primitive life with old traditions and religious festivals, but the island is also home of the very rich people who spent their holiday at the beautiful “Costa Semeralda”with its clear sea and white sandy beaches.
A holiday villa or apartment in Sardinia is the ideal place for a holiday away from a hectic everyday life and the noise of cities. Despite the dominant nature on the island, many traces of human activity can be found: giant tombs, towers and other settlement remains from the pre-and early history, historic churches and cathedrals, such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria di Castello in Sardinia’s largest city, Cagliari. Booking a holiday home or apartment in Sardinia is the first step for a beautiful cultural trip or simply a bathing holiday. Seaside holidaymakers benefit from the Caribbean-like beaches Sardinia offers.

Apuglia in southeastern Italy is such a thing as the sale of its shape reminiscent of a boot country. Wide and fertile plains, where almonds, tomatoes, corn, olives and grapes for the finest wines are growing. Apulia also has a long coastline on the Adriatic and Ionian seas with pretty coastal villages, magnificent beaches and sea caves. A holiday apartment or a villa at the sea in Apulia invites you to enjoy all this.

Largest city and capital of the Apulia region is Bari, which has much of the cultural diversity that is found throughout the region. In Bari are the Cathedral of San Sabino and the Norman Castle built by Roger the Norman in 1131-1132. Also worth seeing is the old town of the city of Taranto, the Cathedral of San Martino in Martina Franca and the Roman amphitheater in the city of Lecce. Wherever you find a holiday home or apartment in Puglia you will never get bored since there is so much to see and explore. For those you are looking for a very special holiday accommodation, the famous Trulli buildings are very typical for the region of Apulia.

People who go for their holiday in Umbria are not looking for a holiday by the sea´, but Umbria has other beautiful spots.
Umbria is more or less in the middle of Italy. His landscapes are hilly, sometimes mountainous, covered, among other things, with oaks and beeches, planted with olive trees and grape vines, and guarded by medieval castles. A holiday home or apartment in Umbria is a perfect choice for a delightful vacation in the country. In the region today’s pilgrimage Assisi is located, where St. Francis of Assisi was born, and there are the caves of the devil in Parrano, a cave system of about twenty caves. Since 2000 Assisi belongs to the World Heritage of the UNESCO and offers religious buildings like the Basilica of San Francesco and the church of Santa Chiara as well as Roman traces like the Roman
Amphitheatre and the Forum.
Umbria’s capital is Perugia. Delightful is its old town with buildings like the Prior’s Palace (Palazzo dei Priori). Jazz lovers come
each summer to the Umbria Jazz in the city, one of the world’s largest jazz festivals. Umbria invites you for hiking, mountain biking and to a country life with a Mediterranean flair. And not even swimmers must give up their fun. You simply book a holiday house or an apartment on Lake Trasimeno. The large lake is good for swimming, sailing or water skiing.

The region of Basilicata borders on Campania Italy’s deep south, Puglia and Calabria, and with a narrow coastal strip at the sea. The longest beach promenade of the region is located in the city Policorco. Anyone who loves the sea, should therefore book his holiday house or apartment there.

Potenza is the capital of the region with its Church of San Michele Arcangelo dating from the twelfth century. Matera is the capital of the second province of Basilicata. Its historic core is also called “Sassi” and is famous for its cave dwellings carved into the rock in the Byzantine period.

More than by the coast Basilicata is characterized by its hills and mountains. Nature lovers book their holiday home or apartment close to the Pollino National Park, which lies partly in Basilicata and partly in Calabria. Here the region is particularly mountainous drawn again and again by area streams and rivers, which have partly dug deep canyons into the rock, but also flow
through charming and picturesque valleys. Although the coast is rather short, water is not an insignificant element in Basilicata. This is also due to the rivers and streams in the Pollino National Park, numerous artificial or natural lakes such as Lake volcanic Monticchio and a series of thermal resorts that are ideal for Spa holidays.

Liguria is a relatively narrow coastal strip in northern Italy at the Ligurian Sea. This means that there is a fairly large part of the region on the coast or at least near the coast. Behind there are hills and mountains, some of them 1,000 meters high. Places like Cinque Terre, Rapallo are perfect for a holiday, where you can discover all the charms of the region. The Ligurian coast is divided into the Riviera di Ponente west of the capital city of Genoa and in some places the little rougher Riviera di Levante east of the capital. The Riviera di Ponente consists of the flowers and palm Riviera. If you want a holiday home or apartment not too far from the sandy beaches in Liguria, are places such as Finale Ligure Varigotti are good choice. Numerous sandy beaches and a selection of suitable resorts can be found.

Liguria has a large proportion of all forest regions of Italy. The flora of the country has some Alpine character and some
Mediterranean character. The fertile land is also used for growing some fruits, chestnuts, olives or pines. As rich as the flora is the fauna with numerous animals such as birds of prey and wild boar.

Culturally outstanding streets in Liguria are Genoa Via Balbi, Via Cairoli and Via Garibaldi, where are magnificent palaces and town houses. By 2006 they became part of UNESCO’s cultural heritage and are all located in Genoa’s old town,
which is among the largest in Europe. Maybe even one of the most charming!

The Piedmont is a charming holiday area in the summer and winter. The name “Piedmont” comes from the Italian word Piemonte and means “at the foot of the mountains”. The mountains are the Alps, which reach up to Piedmont in northern Italy, where they form the Alpine region. Here, skiers and other winter athletes feel comfortable. The Piedmont, which the Alpine area also included the Po Valley is a fertile region of Italy. Here grapes for fine wines are harvested, the famous cherries are grown, and there are of course the famous truffles. Piedmont is also a perfect region for gourmets, where some excellent cheese is made.
Culture lovers may visit Turin, the capital of Piedmont. Landmark of the city is the Mole Antonelliana. It was once planned as a synagogue and with completion in 1888 it was the tallest building in the world. Now there is a major Italian film museum. In the summer hikers are attracted by the landscapes of the Piedmont, and swimmers by the lakes, which are partly or completely part of the region. The best known of these lakes is probably the Lago Maggiore, where you can find very nice apartments and holiday homes.

Lake Garda (Veneto Region)
Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy and is located in the northern Italian regions of Trentino-Alto Adige, Veneto and Lombardy. Anyone traveling to Lake Garda in the Veneto can enjoy the beach life in Lazise and Garda and perhaps will not even miss the sea coast with its beaches. Both Garda and Lazise are beautiful tourist resorts on the lake. In Lazise attracts with the old town and castle, narrow streets and good fish restaurants, Garda is located at a beautiful bay and also has a very nice old town and a beautiful position between cypress and olive trees.

Who cannot get enough of cultural assets, splendid buildings and traces of ancient settlements, the best thing is to book a holiday house or apartments in Verona. The buildings of Verona from the Roman period are the well-preserved Roman arena and the Arco dei Gavi Arch. Traces of the Middle Ages can be found for example in the Piazza delle Erbe, which is surrounded by buildings from different centuries. Cultural treasures to be found in the Veneto region but also in many smaller towns, for example, the Romanesque church of San Severo in Bardolino or Malcesine Scaliger and Torri del Benaco.

Lake Como (Lombardy)
Many landscapes of Lake Como in Italy offer a strange but beautiful mix of Mediterranean flair and superb views of Alpine peaks, often with more than 2,000 meters height. Guests can choose Lake Como for hiking in the mountains, but also for water sports. Kite surfers love the lake as well as wind surfing, sailers and swimmers. The beautiful landscapes  and Lake Como itself also attract celebrities to the banks, such as Brad Pitt and George Clooney.
A striking feature of the lake is Bellagio, called the pearl of Lake Como, where celebrities such as John F. Kennedy and Charlie Chaplin stayed. Bellagio is located in the Italian region of Lombardy. Whoever books a holiday home or apartment here, is located on the site of the lake where it divides into two branches. Bellagio was probably founded in Roman times. Many fantastic villas adorn the city, including the 16th Built-century Villa d’Este, Villa Melzi and Villa Serbelloni, where Leonardo da Vinci already resided. All these houses are examples of large architectural art.

Lazio and Rome
Rome is known world-wide, full of traces of the former Roman Empire, an exciting, fascinating city. Rome is such a desirable destination, that the scenery around the city in the Lazio region is sometimes missed out in travelogues. It is a pity, since the region is beautiful. It stretches from the city of Acquapendente in the north to Gaeta in the deep south, and is largely dominated by hilly countryside, but also mountains and volcanic lakes can be found in the region. Again and again one encounters nature reserves and national parks that protect the beauty and richness of the landscapes.
Wherever people book a holiday home or apartment in the Lazio region, the way to the eternal city of Rome is not too far, and a trip to see the famous sights like the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Vatican is one of many musts for tourists who visit the Lazio region. But it is not only Rome that makes the region a memorable experience. Traces of the ancient Romans and the Etruscans we discovered in many places in Lazio. UNESCO World Heritage sites are the Etruscan necropolis at Cerveteri or the Villa d’Este in Tivoli. Lazio also offers holiday houses and apartments by the sea. Not only around the small Pontine Islands, which belong to the region, there are diving paradises, but all people who love the beach live will get their money’s worth.

Venice is something very special. Romantics will appreciate the ride for two with the gondola through the “Canale Grande” and they walk hand in hand over the Rialto bridge. Friends of the Arts and culture like the Piazza San Marco with St. Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace and share this love with many other people. Venice is unique, built on piles, the city stands on 118 islands connected with about 400 bridges. It is one of the most popular urban tourist destinations in Europe, it is picturesque, full of history, sometimes melancholic, but then cheerful and mysterious, which is even intensified by the Venetian carnival. Whoever books a holiday home or an apartment is right in the middle of this delightful, changeable atmosphere.

St. Mark’s Square is usually very busy, filled with tourists. However, moving a little away from this point, you will experience a
much quieter Venice, which inspires in its own way. Everywhere in Venice are buildings that amaze visitors due to their magnificent architecture. You walk past numerous religious buildings such as San Giorgio Maggiore, San Paolo and Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, in splendid secular buildings such as the Gran Teatro La Fenice opera house and enjoy their incredible glory. Who after a long sightseeing tour still does not want to return to his hotel or apartment can try the delicious dishes in one of the
numerous restaurants and bars. Venice is just beautiful!