General Terms and Conditions

The rental agreement for an accommodation between Calabria Holiday Rentals and the client includes the following conditions:

1. Booking and Payment
1.1 Upon receipt of your booking in writing you will receive our booking confirmation by e-mail. The client is liable for all obligations from the rental contract, including for all further occupants.
1.2 Upon receipt of the confirmation a deposit of 30% of the total amount due has to be made within 7 days. If this payment has not been done in the specified period, Calabria Holiday Rentals is entitled to withdraw from the contract – after a reminder with setting a deadline – and, if necessary, to claim cancellation charges according to paragraph 2 of this agreement, if applicable.
1.3 The final payment is due no later than 40 days prior to the occupancy of the property or can be paid cash on arrival. Should the remaining amount not be credited to the bank account of Calabria Holiday Rentals is entitled to withdraw from the contract and to claim cancellation fees from the client in accordance with Paragraph 2.
1.4. If between the booking confirmation and the start of occupancy are less than 40 days, the total price has to be paid without any advance payment.
1.5. There is no right to occupy the booked object when the total price has not been fully paid.
1.6 Upon receipt of the final payment we will forward the travel information, such as address, directions and information about the handover of the keys.
Note: We also accept payments by Paypal

2. Cancellation by the client
2.1 The client is entitled to cancel the contract at any time. The cancellation must be done in writing.
2.2 In case of cancellation the following compensation will be claimed by the landlord:
A) cancellation until 60 days prior to occupancy 30% of the total price (corresponds to the deposit paid).
B) cancellation from the 59th to 30th day prior to occupancy 50% of the total price
C) cancellation from the 29th to 15th day prior to occupancy 90% of the total price
D) cancellation from the 14th to 1st day prior to occupancy 100% of the total price
2.3 Should the property booked by the client remain vacant without the client having expressly cancelled the contract, the client has to pay the total price.
2.4 In case of early departure or late arrival the client cannot claim a refund.
2.5 The client has the right to nominate a substitute person who assumes the client’s obligations from the contract. A processing fee of €25 can be charged. To avoid any cost to the client due to cancellation fees, we strongly recommend the conclusion of a trip cancellation insurance.

3. Cancellation of contract by Calabria Holiday Rentals
In case of unforeseeable or unavoidable circumstances like act of nature, war etc., which were not predictable on conclusion of the contract, Calabria Holiday Rentals is entitled to withdraw from the contract. In this case, Calabria Holiday Rentals offers the client an equivalent object. The client has no right to claim the rental for further compensation. Calabria Holiday Rentals can cancel the contract if the client behaves contrary to the agreement. The client has no claim to get the rental charge back.

4. Liability by Calabria Holiday Rentals
4.1 Calabria Holiday Rentals acts as the agent between client and landlord and acts on behalf of and on account of the landlord. Therefore, Calabria Holiday Rentals shall not be liable for services provided to the client by the appropriate service providers. Any claims for compensation can only be made towards these people under Italian law. The landlord shall be liable neither for personal injury nor the possessions/valuables of the client.
4.2. The information on the individual properties have been made available to us by the landlords and have been carefully checked. Calabria Holiday Rentals, however, shall not be liable for any errors or omissions.

5. Duties of the customer
5.1 The booked property can only be occupied by the number of persons indicated in the contract.
5.2 The client is liable to the owner for any culpable damage made to the rented property and/or to the equipment/furniture and has to compensate for them. The client is obliged to take the utmost care of the rented property.
5.3 The client shall treat the let property with due care and shall take care of regular cleaning of the property. The final cleaning, possibly contained in the price, does not include the cleaning of the dishes, the stove, the oven, the refrigerator and the kitchen appliances, which must be left in clean state on departure. Potential damages due to the regulations stated above and payable by the guest must be paid to the proprietor before departure.
5.3 Pets are only allowed at the acknowledged properties and must be indicated when booking.
Important Notes
1. Arrival is usually between 15.00 and 20.00. The departure should not be later than 10.00 pm. Individual arrival and departure dates, if possible, can to be considered.
2. Bed linen, towels and final cleaning with most objects have to be paid separately.