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With us you will find more than just an accommodation – it’s our special choice of holiday rentals that makes the difference!

Our selection ranges from small, elegant apartments with sea view to spacious villas with pool by the sea, stylish hotels and charming country houses in Calabria, Southern Italy and other regions of Italy.

Calabria Holiday Rentals offers their guests a free consultation in the planning of their holidays as well as a professional on-site service in Calabria.


Discover our large choice of holiday villas. Holiday villas offer space and comfort. Some have sea view, garden and  pool. All villas are in beautiful landscapes by the sea. Feel yourself at home!

A small range of charming apartments by the sea in Tropea and surroundings
All of them are in beautiful locations.

Characteristic family-run hotel with pool in fantastic location by the sea
with a familiy atmosphere.

A large choice of high quality holiday villas in other regions of Italy. Tuscany estates with pool, Amalfi Coast villas with stunning views, villas in Italian lakes….

Real Estate in Calabria: TROPEA has all the features to become a destination where you can enjoy your pension with tax advantages (7% taxation) offered by the Italian legislation: mild climate, a unique natural beauty, food, history, culture, hospitality and, which is important, a municipal administration ready to give you the maximum assistance and all the help needed to undertake this adventure.


Calabria forms the ‘toe’ of the Italian boot and is a region of remarkable beauty with a long history. Exploring its valleys on your holiday in Calabria you will discover a culture apparently untouched by recent centuries, a stunning, mostly undeveloped coastline and a green and mountainous interior with vast citrus and olive plantations, forests, plateaus and protected areas such as the beautiful national parks of the Pollino, Sila and Aspromonte.

The particular landscape of the region allows tourists to make a diversified holiday experience which can include mountain and beach holiday in one single trip. Calabria has about 500 miles of coastline and a variety of beaches – from long sandy stretches to pebbly coves – and the sea with its magnificent colors is one of the cleanest and clearest in the Mediterranean.

The traditional Calabrian cuisine is genuine and healthy, very tasty and sometimes spicy. The “Peperoncino”, also known as the Calabrian Chilli, is used in many dishes. The food in Calabria is influenced by its close proximity to the sea and the huge mountain areas. At the coastline plenty of fresh seafood caught in Tyrrhenian waters is served, in the mountain areas you will generally get more meat. The food of Calabria is some of the best in Italy and is well enjoyed with its tasty local red wines.

The beautiful towns along the Tyrrhenian coast (the west coast of Calabria), in particular Tropea and Capo Vaticano can rival anything in the Cinque Terre or Amalfi Coast. Calabria is an extremely fascinating and beautiful land and the Southern Italians are incredibly friendly, warm and easy-going people, who make you feel at home immediately.