Popular holiday resorts

Along the Tyrrhenian coast, you will find a synthesis of almost all kinds of landscape in Italy. The most popular holiday resorts are located at the “Costa degli Dei” (“Coast of the Gods” ) from Pizzo to the Capo Vaticano area, that surprise with their unique beaches and bays framed by mountains and steep coasts.

We want to present you briefly some of these characteristical  coast towns along the Tyrrhenian coast, where most of our holiday accomodations are located, and which are worthwhile visiting.




Tropea stands on an imposing sandstone cliff, in a charming position between the Gulf of Sant Eufemia and Gioia Tauro. It is an exclusive seaside resort with a modern tourist and fishing harbor and has one of the prettiest and best preserved historical town centers in the region.

This lively small coast town also called “Saint Tropez” of the south, has a magnificent medieval town centre with impressive old aristocracy town houses and numerous churches. Its beautiful lanes and squares with restaurants, shops and bars invite for taking a stroll.

On a small rock, which is connected with the land, the “Isola Bella” (beautiful island) with the lovely church S. Maria dell Isola arises like a landmark within the crystal blue sea. The marvelous white sandy beaches and the beautiful sea make Tropea a perfect place for a summer holiday.




Capo Vaticano, one of the most beautiful coastlines, of Italy is situated between Tropea and Nicotera on Calabria`s west coast. Capo Vaticano is known for having the most suggestive beaches and coves in south Italy, being a paradise for sunbathing and snorkeling. The Cape is formed by a particular white-gray granite with a maximum altitude of about 124 meters. This spot opens fantastic panoramas on a sea in all shades of the green-blue colour scale where picturesque bays and white sandy beaches alternate with rocks and cliffs. The region of the Capo Vaticano is a touristically developped area with holiday resorts, hotels, holiday villas and apartments.







Very close to Tropea lies the small former fishing village Parghelia, whose beaches and partly hidden bays belong to the most beautiful coasts of Calabria. Parghelia is a popular holiday destination for guests who look for a peaceful and relaxing holiday at the sea.







Zambrone is known for its cost line, over 2km, with sandy beaches and a long cliff, ideal for sun bathing and walking on the beach. The small village of Zambrone lies on a hillside with fantastic views over the sea and a natural landscape which invites for long walks.







Santa Domenica di Ricadi is a small and quiet village coming from Tropea and going towards Capo Vaticano. The village has a good choice of shops with typical local specialties and two of the most popular beaches: Formicoli and Baia di Rici.







The picturesque small town Pizzo, positioned on a steep rock cliff over the coast, invites its visitor to a walk in the lanes of the old part of town. Among the sights of Pizzo are the little church of Piedigrotta on the beach at short distance from the sea and the castle Castello Aragonese. Do not miss to taste the famous Tartuf o ice-cream in one of the many “gelateria” (ice-cream bar) and the marvelous panoramic view from “Piazza della Republicca” over the south coast.







At the Costa Viola (Violet Coast) on the way to Reggio Calabria, the most southern town of Calabria, lies the picturesque fishing village of Scilla. The imposing fortress surmounted by an ancient castle “Castello dei Ruffo” seems to watch over the two picturesque districts of the town below at the sea: Marina Grande and Chianalea. In Scilla you find several excellent fish restaurants.







Reggio Calabria, the secret capital of Calabria, is an elegant town with south Italian lifestyle. Do not miss a visit in the national museum, where the two famous bronze statues of Riace are exhibited. Have a walk along the magnificent sea promenade and the long shopping mile, the touristic highlights of Reggio Calabria.